Sunday, October 23, 2011


Dreams are beyond our wildest imagination. Without dreaming, I feel my life would be only a fraction of its actual potential. Through dreams I believe we live in alternate realities that hold as much value and worth as the one we claim to exist within. Who is to say (or not to say) that one reality is but a dream of another?

For a long time I performed many experiments on myself with dreaming. After all, the best guinea pig for such an event was undoubtedly myself. This way I could understand first hand what it was being experienced and the reactions thereof.

One of my best experiments was playing a favorite cd that was mostly 'soundscapes', set on repeat, and adjusted at a level that was just noticeable in the background without being too distracting. The entire cd would loop itself throughout the night so as certain sounds or songs came on, I would recognize it in my dreams. This began to happen more and more frequently to where I would awaken in the dream and I could begin to control what was happening. Some of the best results were using cd's with distinguishing vocal lines and lyrics that, when heard in the dream, gave me the idea that I was dreaming.

Sometimes it would just be faint reminder and I would be distracted from the dream just enough to smile to myself knowing that I was in two places at once. Other times, especially in the beginning, it would freak me out just enough to wake me up. A couple of things that I would like to express on this... If I was to panic and awaken that way, my body would feel as if I was beaten internally and it was not good. This took a considerable amount of control before I was completely comfortable again and could also become aware within the dream to not allow such an event to occur. For a couple of instances, I had found myself between both worlds suspended in darkness with only my own thoughts to be present. When I found my way to awaken myself, I arose with a gasp as if I was in suspended animation with only thoughts in motion. This was a curious concept as well. However, I will get to this a little later on.

When I would hear something recognizable, I had to be careful not to allow myself to focus on it too intensely, for that would pull me out of my dream state and into a waking world once more. The same would go if I mentioned it to anyone in my dream some of the time. But, if I were to use it to my advantage, I could reshape the events and all more to my liking. Many times I would hear a song playing over speakers in a place that I was in, or someone would speak to me the lyric of the song. With enough times of this occurrence, I began to experiment within the dream itself. One in particular, was attempting to fly. Of course this was not an easy task since so many times the mere idea of falling would awaken me. However, when I tried enough times within the dream, I found that it worked best when I was running and my body wanted me to move across the ground on all fours as if it were faster. I could then push off with my hands as if leaping and I would begin to gain more and more flight before my descending once more. After a short while, I could control my flight and was able to soar as long as I didn't focus on any ideology that such an event was told to be improbable in my waking reality. Some times were tricky to where I felt the gravity let go completely and I needed to hold onto something to stabilize myself, such as a close line or a cord along the ground. Other times, I would be able to do it without any doubt whatsoever and be able to land just the same. The flying dreams were always the best.

Of course, much of my initial struggles were with my own internal 'demons'. I call them this only because I lack a better word to describe them. In some of the dreams I would actually be face to face with someone that knew what I was doing and wanted to battle me so that I had to leave. Some of the time it would just be my own questioning of events, or recognizing the sounds too much and that would bring me back around. A few times when I was pulled through, I would find myself once again to be in between planes. I admit, in the beginning this frightened me, but when it occurred later, I was able to control my fear and drift in this empty void finding comfort within. I mentioned this partially earlier so to give a better description it would be as if I was floating in space with no stars at all to shine or guide me. If I was to think of the air supply, it could tip the balance to being there or not. The best was to just accept that all was fine. When I did accept that everything was okay, I could meditate in this state of being and pull myself either out of the realm completely and awaken refreshed, or I could begin to let the imagination take over once more to create a new world.

The most difficult thing to me is the concept of whether or not I always awaken in the same place that I started from. For all that I know, I could have been (and still am) waking in an entirely new world based from the most logical sides of my imagination so that it all feels real. The true questions would come to mind as, "does it really matter?" and "who would ever know the difference?"

Since the whole idea of dreams and dreaming is a very deep and engaging conversation, I believe I will come to a close with it for now until I take the time to expand more on this in the future. This will allow myself and the reader to question what has been written and in what ways in can be continued later on.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A journey into the infinite

I entitle this blog entry as 'A Journey Into The Infinite' and will do my best to translate an experience into an understandable medium. Portions may be portrayed in a story sense since a more linear version would be more widely accepted due to complex entanglements of the infinite possibilities. I will first forewarn that there may be several tangents strewn about, but I will do my best to see to it that I follow through on all angles that I encounter. This may be a long read, but I hope to create a worthy one.

The basic idea of infinity is not at all what can be used to explain the true epic sense of the whole as itself. Even this meager attempt to bring an experience of the infinite to the reader will still be in its infancy at best. Since we do not have enough time to follow through with a full discovery of the infinite, we will be forced to partake in a small portion. And of course, when it comes to something so extreme, even the smallest amount can prove to be much more than expected.

Where to begin is not an easy question to answer. With this in mind, I am just going to run through this blog with the main focus to describe all that I can, and hope that some kind of understanding will take place.

Imagine yourself sitting in a chair, and as you look at the room that you are in and a person that is in there with you, you begin to see layers of colors separate. When I say this, think of how you can change the color of video so that all of it is red, or blue, or green. Now take each version and overlay them. With the same ideas of phase cancellation with audio, the video colors filter between themselves to show you the actual 'true' color of what is perceived. Now take these individually colored layers, and spread them evenly like a deck of playing cards being spread out on a card table so that each one overlaps the others equally and an edge of each is shown.

As each of these colored layers appear to be the same, start to imagine each one now beginning to take on their own individual reality. For instance, as the red layered view of the person in the room talking turns their head about an inch to the left, the yellow layer turns their head just a bit more, and the blue even further, and so on and so on. When they begin to separate far enough the differences between them become more extreme and now you have a palette of potential realities at your finger tips. The only drawback to this is if you try to focus on just one, the others will collapse behind, and the one concentrated on will in fact become the new reality. In order to find the others and 'jump' to the next, you will have to separate the filters once more. Bear in mind that once you move from one to the next, the outlaying design and future of this realm is new. It is the unknown that keeps moving beyond the view, and this can propel you further along that path.

Now, if you were to stay at the point to where the filtered animated color frames take on their own design, and witness them all at once, a bubble of confusion on a linear frame of mind will present itself. If continuing along this path, you may find that the possibilities grow in number and the colored frames become slimmer and more. If the paths of these were pushed outward to create a spherical design, a phantom center would be created. This central point would appear to be bright white in color since it is all of these colors reflecting as one. This brings about an interesting quest. What is to happen if someone were to travel within the white phantom center? One possibility would be that they would emerge from the wall of colored paths. Another would be that it would lead straight to another reality. If someone was to go in the opposite direction and travel into the wall of colored paths that are streaming by, they might very well find themselves reentering the same area through the ball of white light. As anyone could see, this could create quite a paradox. There is one way to escape this and it would be to focus on one of the colored paths streaming by until it absorbs you with it. Then you would be carried out along the path into the reality in which it is bound to.

Or on a more physical level that you can simply observe -

The best way to get a peak at the visual interpretation of infinity would be to take a video camera, send its output to the input of a tv, point the camera at the screen of the tv, slowly spin the camera in a clockwise or counterclockwise rotation, and soon you will see the image spinning and morphing. The best is when it is focused on a reflection on the screen itself. You will get other effects as well by changing the saturation and tint of the tv output. Try this if you can and feel free to experiment. The words "Brightness" and "Contrast" on the screen themselves will be spinning into infinity and create their own pattern as well. If anything, it is an entertaining thing to do.

Other than this, there is a lot more than what could be described when it comes to an idea of infinity. I will most likely come back to this again in the future. This way you won't have so much to read at the moment and can have the chance to absorb what you have read already.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The power of thought manifestation

The power of thought manifestation -

You may have heard from several sources about how thoughts alone can manifest themselves into your reality. I say 'your reality' because that is simply what it is. Obviously, every other person around you has their reality interlace with yours, but the reasons for their perceptions and understanding are not the same. Of course they may understand the similarities from past experiences that they have witnessed, but the only actual true way to fully be in the same reality on all points is to be the same person. This would annihilate the concept of another being based on the ideas that each one of us are here to experience things from a different point of view. In essence, I cannot see how the universe would benefit in any way by having two identical points of view. Just seems a tad wasteful to me besides fulfilling the possibility of two identical concepts.

The hardest concept to perceive, for some, is how thoughts can come into existence as a true part of reality. The amount of doubt that rises in the minds of those that do not see this happening is the very thing that causes it to not be seen. When the doubt is eliminated, these thoughts that come to be can be witnessed. Of course these concepts aren't the easiest to explain, but a good example is how someone may be thinking of a certain person or thing and then that idea materializes as if an accident or a coincidence. I, for one, am not a believer in coincidence and find it to usually remain as a placeholder for the person who would refuse to look into the concept and understanding more fully.

The 'trick' of manifestation is to be able to believe without a doubt that it will occur. Since naturally we all have fears and setbacks, we may not find it as simple as it sounds to do. However, after questioning the possibilities of what is wanted to be created, one must also question the severity of its counterpart... or rather its opposite. For instance, there cannot be a situation of simply taking, but being able to balance things equally between the extremes. One must accept the possibility that by asking for one thing, they must in turn be giving back in another way or form. This can get pretty involving so I believe I shall leave this where it is.

Time and time again, I have heard how people will focus their thoughts and concentrate on what it is that they want most. With strong discipline and the proper order of thoughts, it has its way of coming true. As highly questionable as the whole concept is, there have been a number of times when this has actually happened to myself. Most of the time, these 'happenings' are more simplistic in their design. However, larger ideals can become real. It is just a matter of the amount of concentration, focus, desire, and sacrifice.

To focus and concentrate on the idea does not simply mean to think of it and it will come. Instead, you must use this as your central focal point and move forward in the direction of the goal. This would be the sacrifice portion. You need to put forth the effort to make it happen with the least amount of resistance possible. This would mean to remove all other obstacles that you can from your path and direct yourself towards the main idea. The focus itself needs full concentration and imagination to guide it to the light. The best advice is to start small. Easier concepts like focusing on a light rain to stop, or a traffic light to change by thought may be good ideas. Of course most people would say it is coincidence, but who would really know?

Larger material things are definitely more difficult. Concepts and ideas are one thing, trying to levitate a physical object would require a vast amount of focus. I am not sure if anyone out there has achieved this.

I would suppose that the best way to think of it happening is to just know it will happen. It doesn't matter how it happens, just that it does.

As with everything, these are just my ideas that I project to inspire the imagination in others. If you find something within that suits you, very good. If it causes any thought what-so-ever, then I have accomplished my main goal.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Reflections of universal amazement

It is truly amazing how the universe seems to work. I use the term 'seems' because that is all it can be to the observer. The true nature of the universe in the infinite spectrum is far from being easily explained or understood. And why should it not? Basically for the reason that mostly everything perceived to be 'easy' is actually more complex than accepted.

I began this with the idea on expressing my thoughts upon the workings of the universe and how they seem to appear. Of course, when I first mention the word 'universe', many people would immediately think of stars and planets. There would be the loss of ideas and introspection if the universe was simply defined by the astral bodies that we physically see. As a creation of the universe, we must remember that much of what we don't observe with our eyes is still a part of the composition of the known and unknown universe. When speaking of the universe, I include thoughts, dreams, feelings, particles, unknowns, etc.... basically everything possible.

To redefine what I originally meant when I started typing is that it is amazing how life within the universe can break down certain barriers and rebuild itself in different forms. As an embodiment to observe and react within known realities, we sometimes don't have enough force or power to change the situations from being altered. We must simply follow through with the order in which it is brought and decide with our own free will which course of action to take. For instance, if something tragic occurs to someone such as a loss of someone close, the emotions and feeling of separation take hold. When this does occur, it is up to that observer to redirect the thoughts and feelings to either dwell and be suppressed/depressed or to rise above and use the new knowledge and understanding to become something more. And in most cases, much stronger than before. This can be used to define our inner being. For a clearer example to someone who may not follow, let's say that someone experiences a loss or a death of a loved one. Now they can dwell in agony, sadness, and depression, or they can use this to their advantage by resetting their course through the infinite. I use the term infinite loosely due to the fact that true infinity is more than what could be described in words or in a true understanding within a paragraph.

Now the person who dwells in sadness becomes lost and unsure of the actions to take in order to move forward. They are the ones that usually end up resorting to drugs or medications (such as medically prescribed mind altering drugs) or alcohol and the likes. The person who feels the sadness and understands that this loss and separation may lead to other probabilities in the future, will look at it in a way to realign themselves so that they can become stronger on different levels and planes. The different levels would be those such as the mental, emotional, physical, etc.. Then once this is recognized and dealt with to understand that something has happened in a way that is undesirable, this person would begin to see which direction that they choose to take. When the positive is sought after, the events to come will be questioned and reinforced to find the most positive outcome. Another way to think of this is 'making the best of the situation'. The wonderful part of 'making the best...' is that no matter what is to happen, only the best will be made. Someone may try to argue this and claim that sometimes it doesn't seem like the best, but in actuality, if the best doesn't appear, then the person either had too much doubt and it redirected the thoughts, or they didn't pursue far enough into the future of the 'best'.

The beauty of the universe is how what is desired is created. If followed through, the thoughts that one may have can manifest themselves based on the original thought alone. Of course work is involved and the person would have to react with everything to make it occur. Otherwise, one would be sitting in a chair hoping that it would come to be good just by mere thought alone. I am not saying that just 'by the thought alone' couldn't bring the right things. It would most likely take a large number of events to fall into place for that to occur, and the time used for this would essentially be wasted. It is also beautiful how the pieces will emerge from the shards of the shattered view. When recognized in the proper light, these pieces can be shaped to rebuild something that would be more likely stronger than what originally stood. Of course this all falls upon interpretation of the observer, but when sought after to be the absolute best, why would it become anything else?

Now I don't intend for this to be taken as fact or even such that I know exactly what I am talking about by using these words to explain it. I am only attempting to offer inner reflections using the words and thoughts that come freely to mind. As an example, I have been typing nonstop since the beginning of this and haven't bothered to perform any spelling or grammar corrections yet. I have plenty of time afterward to do so. All that I intend to do with any of my writings is to inspire thought to occur in the reader. Whether it is to agree or argue, as long as that spark has formed, my job has been successful. I do apologize to those who do not understand what I have written, but do know that sometimes some of us understand from what is considered to be the beginning, some from the end and backwards, and others from the middle radiating outward from all directions. All I can do is hope that this helps someone who has had these thoughts and are looking for some sort of reinforcement to help them move on.

Friday, September 30, 2011

A brief but lasting thought

Time and space are incredible subjects. For together, they are where the future and the past collide to create the now.

This explosion due to the collision may very well be a distant echo of the first throughout time. The frame rate in which it is traveling may very well be overlapping and unfolding onto itself in order to cancel out all other variables. This could very well be the pulse of possibilities that are weaved tight enough, with plenty of differentials, to form what we call existence.

If one could divert the direction of the gaze and observe what is occurring around it, one might be able to see the other directions in which different realities combine. These other potentials are just as real as what is experienced in the now. Unfortunately, to follow one of these along their path, reality would be altered so that focus becomes prominent and the old becomes as the others. Thus, leading you back to the same stand point as before, but leaving you with a new set of variable possibilities.

To be able to cross between and observe multiple paths at the same time, while experiencing the collaboration of all events, one would get a closer understanding of the infinite.

The only drawback to full potential is that one would become infinite and not be able to differentiate between other possibilities since all would be experienced at once.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

--- ? ---

Since I am unaware of who may actually ever read this, I figured that I would choose a simple yet complex idea to name this blog. Simple for the main thought that we are all just a tiny speck in the universe, but complex in the design of what a single dot is capable of containing.

I suppose that may not be a bad idea to begin this blog on a more philosophical level. In a sense, it does give a strong root (foundation) to stem from. Considering the amount of random ideas and topics that I may cover, this is just as good of a place to begin as any other.

Now, one can dismiss a dot as just a round little circle without much significance. However (as we see in all things), the more something is broken down and explored, more detail becomes apparent and new ideas form. For instance, imagine a pencil dot. At first glance, it appears to be a small dark blemish with nothing too important to offer. As we inspect closer, we see that there is a definite shape to it and it is not just a simple smudge. The overall view may seem circular in nature, but it also has some slight deformity that prevents it from being considered to be a perfect circle. There is also more to this than meets the eye- the height at which the dot extrudes above the paper, the composition of the molecules that create its overall being, the shade of color, and even the way it reflects light back. I am sure if viewed even closer, many other descriptions will form. However, I believe you get the point (no pun intended... seriously). :D

Well, now that I was successful on wasting some of your time, I suppose I should let you know what you may expect to see in the future (granted I actually keep up with posting this time). Since I am involved with life, dreams, music, repairing electronic instruments and gear, fitness, nature, and more... each topic will emerge as a new dot within my universe (which will be just a dot within your universe, which is a dot in another person's universe, which is a dot in... you get the idea). Eventually they will reemerge time and time again, but they will display a new point (huh? huh? another pun? No, that would just be lame <-- Too late) of view. All in all, each topic will be randomly thrown in the picture, and some topics will reintegrate themselves but will be of something else within. Now that you are entirely confused, don't worry. If it doesn't become clear on its own over time, then it doesn't really matter. Until then, thanks for the time that you'll never get back. That's just how it works, sorry. :D